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  • Elisse Carma

Amelia's Winter Photoshoot

Amelia points to the sky at the shrine

Amelia and I have been talking about doing a photoshoot for a few months. She wants to get her hair cut and we both wanted to document it the way it is--so long and thick and lovely... when it isn't a tangled mess...

Black and white image of Amelia at the shrine

One very cold Sunday in January, we curled her hair and painted her nails. I warned her that it was pretty cold, but she said she really wanted to do the shoot that day.

Amelia in her long blonde curls rolls her eyes at me at the shrine

A few minutes into the shoot, I could tell Amelia wasn't feeling like herself. Aside from being very cold, she was pretty quiet and unresponsive. I tried the usual tricks to get her to be playful and expressive. She was pretty stoic.

Amelia looks at me in the sunset light

Later that night she got a fever and a few days later the doctor told us it was influenza. A whole week out of school... and just the beginning of our flu-pocalypse.

Amelia in front of the temple at sunset

I feel terrible for taking her out in the cold, but we got a few good pictures of her long beautiful hair, and even a few smiles. We'll just have to do another shoot in the springtime with her chopped hair!

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