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Amelia's Winter Photoshoot

Amelia and I have been talking about doing a photoshoot for a few months. She wants to get her hair cut and we both wanted to document it the way it is--so long and thick and lovely... when it isn't a tangled mess...

One very cold Sunday in January, we curled her hair and painted her nails. I warned her that it was pretty cold, but she said she really wanted to do the shoot that day.

A few minutes into the shoot, I could tell Amelia wasn't feeling like herself. Aside from being very cold, she was pretty quiet and unresponsive. I tried the usual tricks to get her to be playful and expressive. She was pretty stoic.

Later that night she got a fever and a few days later the doctor told us it was influenza. A whole week out of school... and just the beginning of our flu-pocalypse.

I feel terrible for taking her out in the cold, but we got a few good pictures of her long beautiful hair, and even a few smiles. We'll just have to do another shoot in the springtime with her chopped hair!

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