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  • Elisse Carma

Riverside in Gifu

Brad and a diaper-less Skye walk along the grassy path

Back in August when the weather was still warm enough for it, we took to the mountains for some river fun. Gifu has some lovely mountains with winding roads that follow the river. It's only about a 2 hour drive to arrive at this particular spot where we'd stopped last summer on our way home from Kanazawa.

Brad lets Skye feel the current of the river

We lathered the sunscreen and threw on our swimsuits, packed a lunch and a tent and headed to Gifu. The kids had a blast in the river, as we knew they would. Even Skye enjoyed the rushing cool water--contrary to what this picture above might make you think.

Skye sits in the current with a huge smile

See? She loves it.

Dean wades through the rushing water with Brad's help

It was probably the most scary for me, standing in the rushing water on slippery rocks with a very expensive camera around my neck... But that's how I roll. It's the only way to get the shot.

Full diaper in the river

We forgot to put her swim diaper on until after our first dip, so this one filled up pretty quickly in that swift river...

Skye expresses her anger

I don't even remember what she was so mad about at this moment, but... screaming babies in diapers just need to be photographed.

Skye stands by the river and watches it go by

We love this little second-hand tent that we've taken to several beaches and picnics.

Dean tries to nap next to Brad in the tent while Skye crawls on them

It provides the perfect place to veg out, take a nap, or be crawled upon by the toddler.

Brad naps, Skye plays in the sand, and Amelia stands in the river

It was a perfect ending to our summer. We'll definitely be going back to Gifu.

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