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  • Elisse Carma

Sunset at Lake Saiko

Running on the beach at Lake Saiko

After exploring Mount Fuji, we decided to drive around the lakes at the base of the mountain, looking for a spot to watch the sunset and let the kids play. Lake Saiko was the perfect place for that.

Looking for rocks at Lake Saiko

We found a quiet spot and let the kids throw rocks for a while, their favorite water activity. The sunset was so beautiful. I couldn't believe the beauty of this place. It reminded me of summers in Waterton National Park. I never knew Japan held this kind of beauty.

Sweetness between Dad and Skye at lake Saiko

Skye cuddled with us on the rocky beach, turning rocks around in her hands and licking them.

Dean in the sunset at Lake Saiko

I love the way the light sets over mountain peaks. It makes a beautiful backdrop for environmental portraits.

Water in her boots at Lake Saiko

Amelia wandered into the water a little too far and found her boots flooding. Of course, she kept on playing and didn't worry about the wet boots. There was too much fun to be had.

Amelia climbs on her dad on the rocky beach at lake Saiko

finding shells and rocks on the beach at lake Saiko

Amelia loves to collect rocks and shells and anything unique. With her memory, she'll probably remember this came from the lake by Fuji forever. That is, if it survives past the many purgings we have to do so her room doesn't fill up with rocks.

Amelia running on the shore

Amelia throwing rocks in the water at Lake Saiko

Looking at her daddy on the beach at Lake Saiko

I love the way she's looking at her dad in this image, and her clear blue eyes.

Skye walks barefoot on the beach

This was such beautiful spot and I'd love to go back some day.

Brad waits for me to finish photographing at Lake Saiko

And this is how Brad feels about me capturing one last shot as we left Lake Saiko.

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