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  • Elisse Carma

Summer Splash in Seto

​Japan gets HOT and STICKY in the summer, so when our friends invited us to play in a nearby creek one sunny afternoon, we were all over it!

This park was perfect for the kids to wade and splash for a few hours.

Dean had such a blast. He loves the water, and I really oughta get him some swim lessons soon so he's able to enjoy it to his fullest potential.

Clara and Skye are just testing out those waters...

Clara found some adorable little girls to play with--and to persuade to let her borrow their water toys!

We brought a picnic and relaxed in the middle of our fun afternoon. Babies pretended to nap for a moment but of course that didn't last long with all the fun nearby.

Here's Dean and Parker doing what they do best--making each other laugh.

It was definitely a successful afternoon and it's on the list for a revisit on another hot sunny day.

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